SIA workshop at the European Public Health Conference, November 1-4, 2017

The European Public Health Conference takes place in Stockholm during November 1-4. On Saturday November 4th, the SIA project has arranged a workshop entitled Social Inequalities in Ageing, arranged by Johan Fritzell and Neda Agahi, with the following presentations:

The ageing populations in the Nordic countries: mortality and longevity from 1990-2014
Terese Sara Høj Jørgensen – Denmark

Socioeconomic Position Across the Life-Course and Cognitive Ability in Midlife
Rikke Lund – Denmark

Change and Stability: Trends in Health and Function Among the Oldest Old in Finland and Sweden
Stefan Fors – Sweden

Nordic eldercare – weak universalism becoming weaker?
Marta Szebehely – Sweden

Market oriented health care reforms and equity in access in health care in the Nordic countries – impact on the ageing population
Ilmo Keskimäki – Finland

The abstracts can be found here: